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As we move from place to place sometimes, we encounter challenges that make our travel slightly problematic, whether that be the infamous Scottish weather making you lose your way or the local laws and customs in a foreign country causing us uncertainty. 

At Plan2Survive using our extensive experience we guide you to the right solution that enables you to travel safely, wherever that might be.


Our approach follows three distinct phases:


  1. Pre-travel – whether it be undertaking the many walking routes in Scotland or travelling to other countries to work or to explore, we assist you by:

    1. Awareness – learn about the destination from culture to crime and importantly through an online awareness session become aware of the risks, their proportionality and importantly what to do to avoid getting into trouble and importantly what equipment to take.

    2. Anticipation – through knowledge and research we can skilfully identify the types of situations to might encounter whilst travelling and importantly how you can avoid trouble and if caught out, some techniques that will help you to keep safe.

    3. Avoidance – if it looks dangerous, then it probably is! Whilst it might be exciting to watch a carnival, knowing that this is ripe ground for pickpockets, you avoid being a victim as with many other situations. Knowledge through Awareness & Anticipation gives us power to keep safe.

  2. During travel – sometimes it is reassuring to know that someone is watching out for you by: 

    1. Providing a safe contact can give you and your loved ones that reassurance that you’re moving from place to place safely.

    2. Monitoring updates on what is happening in country to keep you aware of any changes that could impact on your safety.

    3. Support – should something untoward happen then a safe contact to call that can help to quickly put measures in place to assist.

  3. Post travel – we all do often forget that with travel it is important to reflect on any of the challenges that you encounter, so that we can effectively contribute to the wider knowledge of other travellers in keeping safe. Importantly if we have encountered a traumatic incident then knowing how to reach out for support to look after your mental health is vital.


At Plan2Survive we provide a holistic & bespoke service to help you travel safely so that you may enrich your life, help others and explore the world. We don’t ‘wrap you in cotton wool’ but give you the support and tools to embrace your travel safely.


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