Plan2Survive the West Highland Way Kit


Insect Repellent 75nl Spray

This insect repellent from Smidge is DEET Free and comes in a practical, robust and lightweight 75ml aluminium pump spray It’s powerful, water and sweat-resistant protection lasts for up to 8 hours protecting against insects around the world - as well as the infamous Scottish biting midge, it also provides excellent protection against mosquitoes and other biting pests.  

Insect Repellent Wipes - Pack of 15 wipes

These wipes from Smidge are a handy way to apply this product, particularly offering young children (from 6 months) gentle, yet effective protection against biting insects around the world. It’s alcohol free, non-sticky, moisturising milk formulation has a pleasant fragrance


Blister Plasters – Pack of 5


Don’t let blisters stop you from enjoying your trip this product is tired and tested essential to many hikers these COMPEED® Blister Plasters provide instant pain relief.  The Ultra adhesive and tapered edges flexes with movement and stays in place for several days. With deep cushioning to relive pressure, it prevents painful rubbing, and the form fitting waterproof and breathable design keeps natural moisture in and germs out for fast natural healing.


Sterile Wipes – Pack of 5

To compliment the Compeed Blister plasters we have included sterile HypaClean Moist Wipes.  Each contains a gentle, alcohol-free, aqueous solution and are ideal for wound cleansing prior to dressing; and being sterile they are suitable for use directly on the wound as opposed to just cleaning around it.  The wipes are individually wrapped and sterile.


Midge-proof Head Net

For added protection against the Midges, this Smidge lightweight head net with a super-fine soft mesh for excellent visibility keeps even the most persistent of Scottish midges out of your hair, as well as mosquitoes and other biting pests.   It comes with a lightweight, compact storage bag and one size fits all.


Tick Remover

This clever little credit-card sized device from Smidge is perfectly designed to remove ticks quickly and easily. The card has two different-sized notches for both small and large ticks. It also incorporates a magnifying glass to help inspect the tick. The safe and quick removal of a tick reduces the chance of infection, including Lyme disease and as the card will slip easily into a purse or wallet, it should be an essential part of your outdoor gear. The card comes with an information wallet, with full instructions for use.

Antibacterial Handwipes - Pack of 12 wipes


When you just need a freshen up, unlike gel and foam, these Antibacterial Wipes from Sani Hands removes dirt, providing the most effective cleansing alternative to soap and water. These wipes come in a handy, re-sealable, sized packets, kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs in seconds and keeps hands protected for up to 6 Hours.



· Clinically and Dermatologically Tested

· Gentle on the skin, suitable for sensitive skin

· Contains Vitamin E and aloe vera

· Wipes contain no plastic fibres


All the items are packaged in a breathable cotton draw string bag.


We hope you enjoy this challenging but immensely rewarding route through our beautiful Scottish countryside.


And finally,


Spare a thought for your fellow travellers, livestock and wildlife and keep the countryside clean by taking home your own litter.


Please follow the countryside code.


Plan2Survive the West Highland Way

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  • Plan2Survive the West Highland Way in Scotland

    Planning and preparation are the key to surviving the West Highland Way, the training before you go, maps, itinerary the right footwear, all weather gear are all essential to the success of your trip. 


    The challenges of navigating the route are many and generally overcome by persistence and determination, however two that many travellers underestimate are the midges and the distance. To help Plan2Survive have brought together a collection of products to help.

    All the items are lightweight and can fit into those unused pockets and places in your day pack / jacket


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