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Former Superintendent Colin McGowan established Foresee Associates in 2009, armed with the insights of 30 years’ policing experience. As the Managing Director of this leading resilience consultancy, he leads a highly respected team who expertise spans every aspect of this work.


Colin believes that wherever you travel in the world things can go wrong and occasionally with serious consequences. Most times they are predictable or even inevitable. rarely are they unforeseeable. If they are foreseeable, they can be prevented or lessened. 


Colin has delivered training, exercising and advice to emergency responders, business, organisations and governments on a range on risks, prevention, preparation response and recovery.  He holds a BA degree in Polices Studies from Strathclyde University. 


Planning and preparation have always been the touchstone for Foresee Associates.  Plan2Survie provides an opportunity to share that expertise and help people follow their recreational pursuits, profession or vocation whether in the UK or further afield and return safely to the place they call home.


Plan2Survie is a subsidiary of Foresee Associates 

Andrew Brown

Former Commander, Chief Inspector (retd.) Andrew B Brown is an internationally renowned hostage/crisis negotiator who serves as the Chief Security Officer for a faith-based International NGO operating over 56 countries at the forefront of the refugee crisis.

A Fellow of the Chartered Management and Security Institutes, he has developed advanced negotiation and crisis leadership skills for major corporations, public bodies and Olympic sports coaches. His doctoral studies, policing & humanitarian experience has led him to advise organisations on their ‘Duty of Care’ obligations as he assists in guiding staff, visitors and donors to travel safely across the world. A former Mountain Rescue Co-ordinator, he used to guide many people across the many long-distance walks in Scotland for charity fundraising and to do so safely.

Published in his field, he remains an Expert Advisor to the Editorial Board of the Crisis Response Journal and has been recently appointed as a Director to the Emergency Planning Society.



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